Molteni Vernici is proud to present the new finishing Moon Series during the highly prestigious Tortona Design Week...

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April 2, 2019
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Molteni Vernici is proud to present the new finishing Moon Series during the highly prestigious Tortona Design Week, an event that will take place from April 9th to April 14th in the streets of Milan in conjunction with the International Furniture Fair 2019.

Molteni Vernici, once again called to represent the excellence of the style and the design typically Made in Italy, rediscovers the charm of brass and copper and, in particular, the true charm that springs from these two precious natural metals that, subjected to artisan chemical processes, reproduce their aesthetic beauty and their applicability both for indoor projects and for outdoor projects through the series of liquid finishes Delabrè, available in various shades and sample colors.

From this, the Capsule Collection Moon results in an absolutely natural extension; introducing itself to the international public that is gathered during the International Furniture Fair with brand new colors with modern and avant-garde flavors, the new finishings recall the thousand facets of the moon and follow its infinite ethereal beauty in all their angles.

– Welcome to the world of Molteni Vernici, a world at the cutting edge of technology, style and design. The only world that perfectly succeeds in describing the history of a dynamic and constantly evolving Brand that is always projected towards the future. By choosing Molteni Vernici you purchase not only special finishes with very high performance, based on the most modern technologies and characterized by unmistakable lines, but you also consciously choose to distinguish yourself in an exclusive, international and prestigious way. Welcome to the future with

In short, the portrait of simplicity is transformed into a real breath of light and architecture, which once again knows how to direct the world of furniture, architecture, design and contract in a single direction: the one of style and of Italian creativity, which, blending into a single entity, know how to dress any piece of furniture of our daily life with their characteristics and their technical functionalities.

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