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The architect Giuseppe Bavuso talks about the Soul collection designed for Ernestomeda in collaboration with Molteni Vernici. Thanks to the study and development of a new and innovative technology of ceramic nanoparticles converted into a nanotecnological finishing of the latest generation, Molteni Vernici has been able to revolutionize the world of design and architecture overcoming borders that until now no one had ever thought of overcoming.

"Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, Soul is an extreme synthesis of a domestic kitchen of some time ago that was updated in terms of functionality and new performing coating materials.

If the Soul kitchen designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Ernestomeda seems to remind us, at a first glance, of a kitchen of the past with the large wash monoblock, that more than a domestic sink looks like a courtyard washtub, some punctual functional details reveal to a more careful examination its extreme actuality.

For example, the home greenhouse patented by Bulbo with LED lighting system or the vacuum dispenser of fine wines that was invented for professional wine shops.

Other functional details are the Cyclos revolving table that, from a snack version, rotating on a central pin, transforms its shape revealing itself in all its dimensions; or the Tag Filter handles, which present themselves as a deformation of the surface of the door that creates a flap, behind which there is an aeration filter, placed on the inside, which allows the exchange of air inside the cabinet.

As for the coating materials, Nanoceramic Nte ™ has been developed, a surface finishing that employs nanotechnology. On the surface side of the finishing, micro particles of ceramic are mixed with the pigment to reach a product with a resistance 60% higher than normal lacquering. "(Source DOMUS)

Molteni Vernici thanks Ernestomeda and Architect Giuseppe Bavuso for their exceptional collaboration.

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