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Nanogalvanic, the new series of finishings with an extra-polished galvanic effect.

The electroplating is a technique, used most of the time for the industrial production, which allows to cover up a non-precious metal with a thin layer of a more precious or noble metal or that can be passivated through an electrolytic deposition.
This process is often used in order to protect metal structures from corrosion, but it can also have decorative purposes.

However, in some occasions, this process can be very complicated due for the limit of the dimensions of the tanks or for the nature of the material itself that has to be covered up.
Just for these reasons and after several requests coming from the industrial environment, Molteni Vernici, thanks to its historical background characterized from huge chemical and scientific knowledges and from a strong tradition coming from the presence of a galvanic factory, has created an industrial cycle of painting that can obtain the same effects by starting from polished or galvanized noble metals, eliminating in this way all engineering limits and all costs of galvanic overs.

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