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From a genial and conscious intuition coming from the well-known Studio Marconato&Zappa in collaboration with the CRS Molteni Vernici, the new finishing Organic Carbonized Wood™ comes to life.

A conscious finishing created in order to preserve the environment thanks to the employment of new water-based technologies.

Totally eco-friendly, easy to apply, the new finishing promises to bring a real revolution against the traditional perception of the industrial coatings, by giving the treated surface a multidimensional texture and taste.

Versatile and industrial, the new finishing is aredy to dictate the new rules for the international market.

– "A real novelty where art and design have given life to a finishing representing the triumph of the material, thanks to which our eyes stop to contemplate - like in a museum - the irregular surface, never reproducible like the first one but always different in every application; here industry has nothing to do, if not bringing to life again the historical tradition and the operator's abilities. The human being is at the center of the scene, also all the accessories, the objects and the furniture complements become unique pieces of art". Arch. Terry Zappa

A finishing coming from the past and able to revolution the future, where the main purpose is to preserve the nature through the employment of new technologies, but without forgetting the tradition.

Preserving with art something that nature has given to us. This is the mood which has inspired the creation of the new finishing in imitation of the carbonized wood, finishing which has a deep soul: to support the nature of wood in order to find some unsuspected resources.

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