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High Resistance Varnishes

With great success Sicam 2013 closes its doors with the re-establishment of the partnership between the leader of handles, Pamar, and Molteni Vernici.

Pamar evolves and takes a new step towards the improvement and reliability of its products thanks to the close collaboration with CRS Molteni Vernici. The Italian company has studied and created new finishings and High Resistance Varnishes, which cover gradations, shades and textures of the most commonly used metals in the field of design and architecture nowadays. They are obtained thanks to the use of a new protective varnish produced with new generation, nanoceramics, anti-UVA resins with direct adhesion. They are applicable to products already subjected to a painting cycle, or to custom-made projects; the new product increases the degree of brilliance, depth and brightness of the surfaces, guaranteeing a high resistance to corrosion.

The new Pamar finishings are based on pure nanotechnology and have been tested and certified in the Catas laboratories, the reference institute in Italy and worldwide for research and product testing. Within these laboratories, Pamar has subjected its new finishings to corrosion resistance tests, which have determined their absolute effectiveness. After a 200-hour exposure to water and sodium chloride, the finishings have shown no usury and deterioration.

The exclusive treatment of High Resistance Varnish developed by Pamar with Molteni Vernici, applied to handles and knobs for both interiors and exteriors, brings numerous advantages: protects metal surfaces making handles highly resistant to humidity, saline corrosion , thermal shocks, chemical substances, foods, hot and cold liquids, household cleaning products, usury, artificial irradiation and aging.

Therefore high resistance and versatility become the added values of the new High Resistance Varnish Pamar and Molteni Vernici.

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