The 2023 Wood Festival in Cantù stood out for its unique blend of woodworking skill and pastry elegance.

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November 10, 2023
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Cantù, November 10, 2023.

The 2023 Wood Festival in Cantù has once again confirmed itself as a benchmark event in the world of craftsmanship and innovation. This year, the festival had the honor of hosting the famous Master Pastry Chef, Iginio Massari, who shared his experience and entrepreneurial spirit with the public, embodying the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.

Festival del Legno 2023, Cantù

This year's event stood out for its particular focus on special paints, showing how innovation in finishes and treatments can elevate the art of woodworking. Thanks to collaboration with leading companies in the paint sector, the Wood Festival provided participants with an overview of the latest trends and technologies.

The 2023 Wood Festival in Cantù: where the art of woodworking and the magic of pastry come together, inspiring generations of artisans and pastry chefs.

The highlight of the festival was the pastry competition among students, judged by a special guest. This contest provided a stage for emerging young talents, allowing them to showcase their skills and receive feedback from one of the greatest masters in the field.

The 2023 Wood Festival also offered workshops, demonstrations, and information sessions, focusing on how special paints and new technologies can be applied in traditional craftsmanship. These meetings stimulated the sharing of ideas and created opportunities for future collaborations between artisans, students, and entrepreneurs.

The success of this year's event underscores the importance of combining traditional craftsmanship with technological innovation and represents a significant meeting point for professionals, enthusiasts, and students in the field.

Roberto Molteni, CEO Molteni Vernici
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