Molteni Vernici presents the NEVER FLAME series: the magic of special paints that transform metal

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September 7, 2023
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Molteni Vernici, a leader in the field of special paints, is pleased to present its latest creation: the NEVER FLAME series. This new solution for metal coating offers endless design possibilities for a wide range of substrates, including metal, wood, and plastic, for both interior and exterior applications. NEVER FLAME embodies the elegance of metallurgy transformed into an unprecedented finish.

The NEVER FLAME series stands out for its exceptional resistance to wear, weather, chemicals, and foot traffic. Thanks to this durability, NEVER FLAME is perfectly suited for various applications, such as furniture, paneling, stairs, tables, and lighting. Additionally, it is ideal for contract projects in the hospitality and retail sectors, as well as for windows and continuous facades.

The CATAS certification, which attests to the surpassing of the highest international resistance standards, and the MED certification from RINA (Italian Naval Registry) also make NEVER FLAME suitable for the naval fitting sector. Furthermore, NEVER FLAME has qualified to contribute to LEED credits, ensuring a sustainable footprint.

"Never Flame is a testament to our passion for the merging of art and technology," says the spokesperson for Molteni Vernici.

"This series offers an unparalleled visual and sensory experience, thanks to its unique shades and nuances. Our products transform metal into timeless works of art, evoking unique emotions and sensations."

The NEVER FLAME series embodies the fusion of art, poetry, and craftsmanship. Like a painter embarking on a journey on the canvas of creativity and innovation, Molteni Vernici has forged an unparalleled wonder. NEVER FLAME conveys the magic of metallic essence, with shades that dance and embrace like a passionate tango of light and shadow. Every surface coated with NEVER FLAME comes to life, revealing its story and unmatched beauty.

The NEVER FLAME collection presents itself as a kaleidoscope of fiery colors, where vibrant tones blend and fuse with elegance. Brass transforms into emerald green, copper fades into deep blue, and nickel adorns itself in golden copper. This collection embodies energy, vitality, and audacity, inviting exploration of beauty in every shade.

Molteni Vernici continues to amaze the world of design with its innovative solutions, and the NEVER FLAME series represents a new milestone in metal transformation. For more information about the NEVER FLAME series and other special paints offered by Molteni Vernici, please visit the official website at

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