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WAKEUP: An entirely green finish, whose watchword is RE-GENERATION, formulated with renewable raw materials, generated by innovative refining processes of "waste" vegetable substances.

"WAKEUP" : From Nature for Nature

The first finish dedicated to the world of Design and Architecture obtained from REGENERATED materials

Objective: SENSITIZE

Molteni Vernici has a lot to say concerning such an important and delicate issue as environmental sustainability. A theme that is shaking the whole world with the imperturbable goal of pushing it towards radical changes. And in fact his voice is soon to be heard at the helm of the ship which, once again, is called Innovation.

The direction is evident: Eco Compatibility

A lighter impact on a mistreated planet, already exploited to the bone. A change to protect our surroundings. For us. For the future. For our children.

The new WAKEUP finish is born.

An all-green finish, whose watchword is RE-GENERATION, formulated with renewable raw materials, generated by innovative refining processes of "waste" vegetable substances, not in competition with human nutrition.

The embryo: the waste from the coffee industry.

A drink known throughout the world for its energy and explosiveness, the perfect spokesperson for the message of the CRC Molteni Vernici, spurred to become involved and protagonist of change. From the sustainability point of view, it goes even further, as its production cycle makes possible to drastically cut CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

And so Molteni Vernici stands beside the environment, a diamond point ready to scratch the preconceived notion of the impossible, demonstrating that constraints are always surmountable and that even from waste can come surprise.

Molteni Vernici once again rides the wave of technological innovation and gives life to a unique finish obtained from regenerated vegetable material.

From here the Leitmotiv of the WAKEUP brand "Wake up, do something for the environment!", accompanied by the objective of shaking up the creativity and eco-compatibility of Architects, Companies and Designers, opening them a new spectrum of opportunities.

It is exactly in WAKEUP that the unmistakable essence of coffee, its historical importance and unparalleled fame are combined chemically into a three-dimensional effect ready to impress.
The transformation of a simple material into a tactile and unique finish, ready to decorate metal, plastic and wood substrates with the unique strength and elegance signed by Molteni Vernici.

Once again Molteni Vernici is Style, Innovation and Emotion.

Re-use and Recycling write the company's direction towards sustainability combined with the attention to new technologies that has always embraced Design in every Molteni Vernici production.
The new objective is the creation of intelligent finishes that push hard for greater and continuous protection of what we have, which is the most important treasure,


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