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- by  CRS Molteni Vernici


All news about special finishings for the world of
architecture, design and contract.

AD Architectural Digest dedicates once again its own attention to the world of special paints by Molteni Vernici.

Environmental friendly products, avant-guard technologies thought to save energy, fully customizable surfaces and furnishing accessories, turn the most private room of our house into a 360° wellness area.

The steady and almost obsessive care for the environment and the ecosustainability of its special finishes, have led Molteni Vernici to create avant guard finishes that are capable of recreate increasily required effects usually obtained through obsolete production methods and techniques with a negative impact on nature and the environment.

In particular, with the new Vetrowax series it is now possible to completely eliminate processes which are harmful to the environment such as industrial galvanization using exavalent chromium and producing waste harmful to health and people. Vetrowax finishes perfectly imitating the polished and mirrored galvanic effect takes care of the environment because they are eco-friendly and can be applied in direct adhesion on all metal supports, polished, brushed, satined (like nickel-plated iron, aluminum, zamac, brass, silver) or on nickel-plated metal supports.

– Vetrowax finishes perfectly imitating the polished and mirrored galvanic effect takes care of the environment because they are eco-friendly.

Very similar to galvanic effect, Vetrovax is available in different shades like brass, rose gold, 18k and 24k gold, nickel black, chrome black, bronze, titanium, to name just a few, which are the most required colours by Architects, Designers and Brands working on national and international level for residential and commercial projects. Beyond aesthetic aspect, Vetrovax polished galvanic finishes developed by the CRS Molteni Vernici, are resistant to scratching, wear, corrosion, chemical substances, cleaning products and anti-Covid sanitizer products.

In conclusion, its great resistance, the possibility to create fully tailor-made finishes designed to meet customer’s wishes, and its easy application make this new series of special coatings named Vetrowax perfect for indoor and for bathroom furnishings, solving at the same time all those problems related to a real electro-galvanic over such as addictional costs, unhealth waste, repeatability and stability of the finishes, supports’ sizing problems, etc.

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