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Anodyc Collection, the new collection of anodized paints designed by Molteni Vernici, presents new finishings and a new completely dedicated catalog.

Molteni Vernici rediscovers its art and gives it to the world. It does so through new discoveries and creations that derive from the harmonious fusion of the most advanced chemistry and physics on the one hand, and from the reinterpretation of the most rooted tradition on the other.

Thus Anodyc is born, the revolution of true Design.

– The new collection of finishings with special effect Anodyc is able to perfectly imitate the unique and surprising result that derives from the more traditional process of electrolytic anodizing, by revolutionizing in this way both the world of industry and the world of architecture and the purest design signed Made in Italy.

In fact, the new special finishings Anodyc have the advantage of being able to be applied on any type of metallic, plastic or wood surface, suitably prepared with the appropriate primers, and they guarantee, in this way, a maximum brightness and brilliance to the treated support, the maintenance of the coloration and the continuous repeatability over time of the desired shade.

Once again, Molteni Vernici is dictating the new color trends and the new technology used in the field of the most advanced chemistry and physics that is able to overcome even the limits imposed by nature itself, by revolutionizing even in the smallest detail the world of architecture, of design and contract at an international level.

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