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Emanuele Busnelli, known historical entrepreneur of Brianza, has chosen the finishings Molteni Vernici to dress up his Lamborghini...

Emanuele Busnelli well-known historical entrepreneur of Brianza has chosen the finishings Molteni Vernici in order to cover up the entire body of its competitive Lamborghini Huracàn.

A new challenge for the team Molteni Vernici which, guided from the wise hand and from the unique taste for the design coming from Emanuele Busnelli, has developed a series of new special and custom finishings totally applied  on carbon fiber and extra-technological materials.

Natural carbon which transforms itself with a touch of majesty into a blue and gold matt carbon fiber, giving at the same time a unique taste to a competition car by Casa Modena.

The Spa competition will see the debut of a great new entry: the Lamborghini Huracán GT3 by Ebimotors for Chicco Busnelli and Fabio Babini, historical couple which 'recollect themselves'. The team has a vary 2016 program, with GT Open, Blancpain sprint, sports Club, VedeV and Italian GT competitions, before a full-time championship to define in 2017.

The team Molteni Vernici thanks Emanuele Busnelli for the given opportunity, that has permitted to export the style Made in Italy in the world.

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