Chrome Mirror, the new frontier of EcoChrome. Chrome Mirror, a finishing that is able to obtain surprising results...

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July 21, 2015
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Chrome Mirror, the new frontier of EcoChrome.

Chrome Mirror, a finishing that is able to obtain surprising results never seen before, previously unthinkable applications that now become possible.

Chrome Mirror, the revolution of design and the true Made –in-Italy-style.

It is with extreme pride that Molteni Vernici presents globally the new catalogue entirely dedicated to special effects similar to the industrial chrome plating.

The highly requested series of Chrome Mirror special finishings, designed and created exclusively by the Molteni Vernici Brand for the world of architecture, design and contract, revisits its roots and renovate itself, proposing to the national and international market a new design concept, highly performing and innovative features and a style completely and strictly Made in Italy.

– EcoChrome, the new revolution in the way of making design, the last frontier of special effect finishings, which can range from furniture, contract and home design to the world of accessories, of the fashion industry and of the shop fitting, always maintaining incredible results of stability over time, aesthetic and functional repeatability and chemical-physical resistance of the treated surface.

In short, Chrome Mirror wants to act as a real innovative and revolutionary solution designed for all those Companies, Designers and Architects who want to go beyond the physical-chemical limits of nature, imposing their beauty and uniqueness both nationally and internationally.

Suitable for application on the majority of the supports used industrially, the new line of Chrome Mirror finishings is able to imitate the classic industrial chrome plating, acting on supports that until now had never been able to undergo this process of metalization, thus creating infinite and new solutions suitable for furnishing, architecture and contract.

Chrome Mirror, the EcoChrome of new generation Design.

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