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Corten special varnishes.

Molteni Vernici publishes, following the numerous requests, the new catalog of corten materic effect.

COR-TEN steel is often used as a substitute for common structural carbon steels for its technical and aesthetic qualities, however the patina formed by the oxides of the elements that compose it constitutes a big limitation in the use of the finishing in indoor environments.

Precisely for this reason Molteni Vernici has created and patented the Corten materic finishing which, in addition to giving warm and non-uniform tones typical of the natural Corten, gives surfaces a unique and precious tactile matercity without releasing rust dust.

Cor-ten's materic finishing is able to give matericity and oxidations to all those supports which, due to their chemical and physical nature, cannot oxidize, forming rust such as brass, aluminum, zamak, plastic materials, wood, MDF, stones, etc ..

Applicable to supports destined both inside and outside.

It guarantees high resistance to usury, salt mist, chemicals and food.

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