THE LUXURY E-COMMERCE BY MOLTENI VERNICI BEGINS | The luxury coating market opens to prêt-à-porter

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May 28, 2020
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Great revolution in the luxury and technology market: all Molteni Vernici products become for everyone and within everyone’s reach!

Thanks to a brand-new e-commerce platform, thought and tailor-made for all those luxury and design lovers, it will be possible to have easy access to many quality products and to buy them from the comfort of your own home.

With this innovative business idea, we enter a revolutionary and exciting chapter in our corporate history. The platform that we present to you, implemented on our new site, completely rethought in look and functionality, will allow you to be able to choose simply and intuitively among the numerous products in our collections, expanded in descriptions and in the variety of choices. Our technicians specialized in the field of special paints and coating for luxury, guided solely by the satisfaction of you users, will guide you through multilingual tutorials for applications and access in virtual mode in our prototyping studios with 4K experiences. Easily and in a practical and safe way, you can access the world of luxury finishes and special paints by choosing from our certified and absolute quality products carefully and specially sized to your needs. The delivery of the products is guaranteed in just forty-eight hours and throughoutEurope.

The implementation of the new e-commerce platform by Molteni Vernici, on which we aim to affirm our now consolidated position in the world of design, is also part of a wider corporate renewal and modernization project. In fact, a new look has been designed and created for our site, with an even more dynamic and captivating style than the previous one. Completely renewed in the graphics, the portal maintains at the same time a user friendly and totally responsive structure, therefore suitable for all devices, which allows simple and intuitive navigation, the possibility of doing targeted searches, easier access to content and interacting in optimal way with social networks. Great attention also to the contents, renewed in style and design, and therefore easily shared on the net, with an eye not only for the technical part, with the aforementioned tutorials and guided tours, but also for the commercial part, through videos of product presentation, always multilingual, held by our sales department managers who put their professionalism and expertise at your disposal.

All this to be even more present, and more effectively, in the luxury design and finishing architecture market, also opening up to the world of design factory and business to customer.

Indulge yourself in the new experience of luxury and style designed by Molteni Vernici
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