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Greenox and the charm of transforming matter.

Driven by the idea that non only shapes but also materials are extraordinary vehicoles of emotion, Molteni Vernici comes back to matter's origins and to its amazing ability of transforming itself into endless shades.

Attracted from the charm of those lived surfaces and from how time is able to transform them in pure art, the Centre of Research and Development Molteni Vernici presents the new oxidant for copper, bronze and brass, by taking the base colours of a precious raw matter and transforming them into a masterpiece through a real and natural oxidation characterized from light blue and green shades, which means pure design.

In this frame, the movements of surfaces and their changes, the references to ancient times, the continuous changes of color, showed us in their instability the fascinating beauty of something that has to do with the simplest manifestation of life: transformation of matter in a continuous search for balance.

– The transformation of matter in a continuous search for balance.

Greenox allows to radically transform matter, by extracting from the purest part of precious metals like copper, brass and bronze the natural colours of oxidation in the green and light blue shades, which mix into each other in order to obtain an immediate and captivating aesthetic final aspect.

Easy to apply through a spray vaporizer, it allows to create natural oxidations in the green and light blue shades on brass, copper and bronze and on supports obtained through liquid metals belonging to the series Powermetal created by Molteni Vernici, like brass (PM-2420), copper (PM-2410) and bronze (PM-2400).

To go beyond once again the nature's limitations, with no fear.

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