"Creativity, passion, technology and style: these are the distinctive marks belonging to the Brand Molteni Vernici, which for over seventy years...

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January 30, 2018
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"Creativity, passion, technology and style: these are the distinctive marks belonging to the Brand Molteni Vernici, which for over seventy years produces thousands of special paints and finishings, above all for the field of architecture, design, contract and shop fitting".

This is exactly the beginning of one of the articles that the magazine IoArch has dedicated to the Brand Molteni Vernici inside the number 73 of December 2017, in particular in occasion of its essential technical and physical contribution for the development and the consequent presentation to the international market of the new kitchen signed Comprex, with the design projected from Architects Marconato&Zappa.

The multi-award-winning monthly, which collects and describes services, interviews, opinions, projects and insights coming from the world of Architecture and Construction both nationally and internationally, has in fact dedicated to the Brand settled in Brianza several pages of prestige, which effectively describe the daily commitment in promoting the design and style totally Made in Italy of its finishes and in offering Architects and Designers operating globally the best of chemical technologies at the service of architecture, contract and shop fitting.

As can be read from the pages of the magazine, "thanks to the company know-how and research in the new generation chemistry, the Company develops luxury finishes with performances able to guarantee high levels of color design capable to reproduce metallic, bronzed, coppered, galvanic, material and oxidized effects able to dress metal, plastic and wood supports. Finishes which are characterized by their chemical-physical resistance and repeatability over time. The result is a unique and exclusive product, based on the characteristics and needs of the customer, with the care of the made in Italy product and the exclusivity of an Italian luxury design".

– And again, "Molteni Vernici is the ideal partner of those companies working in the field of interior design, outdoor design, contract and shop fitting. For the flagship Comprex these have been the selected finishings: Delabrè, a name coming from the final aesthetic aspect which can be obtained through a simple application by pneumatic or electrostatic spraying, and the finishing Organic Carbonized Wood, created with the purpose of preserving the environment thanks to the employment of water-based technologies".

With its variegated range of precious finishings able to reply every kind of final aesthetic effect on every kind of metal, plastic or wooden material through the employment of specific vertical and industrialized cycles of painting, Molteni Vernici has the honor to collaborate with the most important Companies leader in the indoor and outdoor furnishing, fashion design, retail and living sector, offering at the same time industrial innovative solutions for the purest design.

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