Molteni Vernici is proud to present globally for the first time the absolute preview of one of the most anticipated and...

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June 11, 2015
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Layer Effect - Aged Brushed Brass

Molteni Vernici is proud to present globally for the first time the absolute preview of one of the most anticipated and desired products from the world of architecture, design and contract, a product that is configured as the first and only special finishing that will be able to revolutionize and change forever the way of doing design, both nationally and internationally.

– Layer Effect. This is the name of the new line of special finishings designed by the Brand Molteni Vernici, and created exclusively by its staff for all those Companies, Architects, Designers and Artists who are constantly looking for luxury and splendor, the splendor of materials and uniqueness of forms.

Infinite lines of color and shadow, which start from the hottest and brownish notes of bronze and blend with mastery with the amber and metallic notes of brass, the most coveted union between copper and zinc, giving life to incredible games of architecture and design that no one had managed to obtain before at the industrial level.

Lines of color and shadow that never find an end, that follow each other in a parallel way in all their symmetrical beauty and architectural uniqueness, straight and precise like knife blades to mark the right direction of the true Made in Italy style in all its splendor.

Lines that never cross each other, lines capable of giving life to the unique and unmistakable textures of a design that is configured worldwide as the most precious and glamorous design ever.

Finally, lines that are able to transform any surface of metallic, plastic or woody nature into surfaces of real bronzed brass and true brushed burnished copper, thus compensating for all those chemical-physical limits linked to the world of real bronzing and true industrial burnishing.

Layer Effect. Guarantee of beauty and design. Made in Italy.

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