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The extraordinary Powermetal™ collection never ceases to amaze and to always find new and innovative applications, ranging from the domain of contract and retail to the world of architecture and design.

This time Molteni Vernici is proud to present to Designers and Architects all over the world the new iron holder made in collaboration with Nuova Capitani; thanks to the Powermetal™ liquid metal series, the raw iron support was completely covered in pure brass and then it was worked with acid through the Takemakite™ process.

A new application for the Powermetal™ finishing, which allows any company to realize finishings with the effect of the real natural metal with a completely sprayed application, while avoiding the use of the classic metal sheets in Folding and starting the coating of new complex and amorphous shapes of whom no one had ever thought until now.

Indeed, POWERMETAL™ is a true two-component varnish that can be easily applied by spraying, rolled, applied by hand or poured with traditional equipment on a wide range of supports. And it is precisely the presence of the pure metal that gives to the treated surface a great superficial hardness and an extraordinary resistance against usury, heat, chemicals and food, and that makes this product suitable for both interior use for top kitchens, doors, tables, chairs, bathrooms, floorings and for outdoor such as floors, stairs, facades or structures.

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