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Molteni Vernici is confirmed once again to be on top in the field of worldwide furniture, architecture and design, thanks to its great ability to create new and surprising finishings, finishings that are able to leave their mark in the world of fashion and of the purest style. The Maison&Objets in Paris was just that: the Parisian fair of the furnishing complement par excellence invaded in every single stand with incredible finishings in copper, bronze and gold, studied and created exclusively by the Molteni Vernici CRS.

– The surfaces of the most varied supports both for the interior, such as the kitchen, the living and the bathroom, and for the outdoors, such as gardens, terraces and structures, have managed to convince even the most skeptical professionals only because treated with the extraordinary creations by Molteni Vernici.

And here, objects of everyday life emerge from every part, objects that can transform themselves into luminous and unique pieces of design simply thanks to the copper and bronze satin surfaces of the Never Collection; or furnishing accessories that would go unnoticed if they were not created ad hoc by expert designers and architects between the opaque white of the Porcelain effect and the sparkling gold of the Natural Luxury Series.

In short, a triumph of finishings and of warm and sparkling shades of copper, bronze and gold, natural elements that give life to extraordinary projects of creation and style in a few moments; style in the unmistakable sign of Made in Italy that Molteni Vernici carries on proudly for more than half a century of activity and passion.

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