Molteni Vernici: A Presence of Elegance and Innovation in the DOOR Magazine, signed by La Repubblica.

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May 18, 2023
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Molteni Vernici, leader in the industry of special paints and high quality special finishes, is pleased to announce its appearance in the prestigious Architecture & Design magazine DOOR, signed by La Repubblica. This collaboration represents an important recognition for the excellence and creativity of Molteni Vernici in the field of finishing solutions for the architecture and design sector.

DOOR Magazine, with its long tradition of editorial excellence, offers a highly prestigious platform for leading companies in the sector, presenting the most innovative trends and cutting-edge design solutions. The opportunity to appear on the pages of DOOR represents an honor for Molteni Vernici and confirms the recognition of the company as a point of reference in the sector of high quality special paints and special finishes.

The collaboration between Molteni Vernici and DOOR Magazine will offer a unique opportunity to share the company's passion for aesthetics, functionality and innovation in the field of architectural and design finishes.

The special article will highlight the exclusive solutions offered by Molteni Vernici, which combine advanced technology, sustainability and uncompromising aesthetics, thanks to its special paints and special finishes.

The Molteni Vernici product range offers a wide selection of high quality specialty paints and special finishes, including interior and exterior wall paints, floor coatings, furniture paints and much more. Each product is the result of continuous research and careful development, to guarantee high-quality and long-lasting results.

Molteni Vernici is committed to providing solutions that meet the specific needs of customers, helping to transform environments into unique and fascinating spaces. The company is proud to be part of DOOR magazine and eagerly anticipates the opportunity to share its passion for architecture, design and innovation with the readers of La Repubblica.

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