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From today Molteni Vernici opens the doors of its technology and its scientific knowledge to social networks, creating in particular the company profile on Facebook.

Molteni Vernici hasn’t fail this time either, adapting to the current trends of the international market and industry, and building its own company profile on one of the most important and globally used social networks; Facebook, which with its billion users worldwide, is a further springboard for the creativity and imagination of Molteni Vernici, a company in constant growth that is not afraid to compete with the new technological realities of the XXI century, that are able to bring into contact millions and millions of industries from all over the world that otherwise could not easily exchange ideas and innovative opinions.

Ask CRS Molteni Vernici for friendship on Facebook! In this way, you will have the opportunity to know everything about the work done by Our Staff, you’ll be able to stay updated on news, events and every single new product created exclusively by our Laboratories for any need and project, and you’ll be able to exchange information, appreciation and questions directly to the company.

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