Exclusive finishings with unique and classical features which allow to obtain an unthinkable result so far with a coating.

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November 13, 2019
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The creativity belonging to the Style Centre Molteni Vernici opens its doors to a new, limitless frontier of the galvanic process: the finishing VETROWAX™.
The easiness to obtain the brightness and the preciousness belonging so far to the galvanic process through the employment of a coating with no limitations about the support's dimensions, costs, repeatability which go along with the exceptional resistance against scratch, usury, chemical substances and cleaning products give to the new-born finishing VETROWAX™ an irresistible appeal towards all those Designers and Architects whose creativity has been stopped.

1k one-component finishing with a direct adhesion on polished, brushed, satined or nickel-plated metallic supports in order to obtain the main galvanic overs, from gold to nickel black through bronze until copper.

Extremely versatile and easy to apply, the brand-new star created by Molteni Vernici is for everyone.

Once again Molteni Vernici means elegance and dictates the trends "Salone del Mobile 2020"

Molteni Vernici your necessities, our reality.

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