Molteni Vernici special paints selected for the prestigious BTOB AWARDS 2023.

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May 22, 2023
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Molteni Vernici selected among the top 30 entities of 2023 for the BTOB Awards Brianza, as reported in LA PROVINCIA.

Molteni Vernici, a leading company in the field of special paints and finishes, is pleased to announce that it has been selected among the top 30 entities of 2023 for the prestigious BTOB Awards Brianza. This recognition emphasizes the company's commitment and constant dedication to providing high-quality special paints and finishes, as well as its prominent role in the Brianza business landscape.

The news of Molteni Vernici's selection for the BTOB Awards Brianza was published today, May 22nd, in the newspaper LA PROVINCIA, on page 18. The dissemination of this news in a highly relevant regional newspaper testifies to the importance of the company and its achievements in the business field.

The BTOB Awards Brianza represent an important showcase for entrepreneurial excellence in the Brianza province. This award offers local companies the opportunity to gain regional and national recognition, highlighting their successes and contributions to the economic and industrial progress of the area.

Molteni Vernici has long been recognized for innovation, the quality of special paints and finishes, and impeccable customer service. The company has consistently dedicated itself to providing cutting-edge solutions for customer needs, investing in research and development of advanced special paints and finishes that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

“I am very proud that my company has been selected for this prestigious award, which highlights the commitment and excellence shown in the special paints sector” CEO ROBERTO MOLTENI

Molteni Vernici's selection among the top 30 entities of 2023 for the BTOB Awards Brianza represents another recognition of the company's success and reputation in the business community. This achievement is the result of years of work carried out with passion, dedication, and a constant pursuit of excellence.

The company would like to thank its employees, customers, and business partners for their significant contribution to achieving this important result. Molteni Vernici will continue to strive to offer innovative and high-quality special paints and finishes, maintaining its leadership position in the industry.

Molteni Vernici is a leading company in the field of special paints and finishes, headquartered in the Brianza province. Founded with a solid tradition of excellence, the company is committed to providing special paints and finishes of the highest quality for the most demanding industrial sectors. With a comprehensive range of innovative paints and coatings.

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