At the Venice Film Festival the "movie" by Molteni Vernici is staged, starring Proiron, the Antidilavante product specific for Corten Steel.

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September 7, 2022
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In Venice, Sebastiano Pelli's Antimatter Stone work is covered with a latest generation product by Molteni Vernici. The artistic performance will be inaugurated this afternoon at the Blue Moon beach on the Lido of Venice, on the occasion of the Film Festival, and promises to be of high social impact and low environmental impact.

In the belief that art can activate consciences and push them to important and gradual changes, Il Terzo Paradiso in the Venice Lagoon was born in 2021, a laboratory to raise awareness on the issue of waste in the sea. The engine of the project is Michelangelo Pistoletto's Third Paradise, a graphic symbol of a future in balance.

Today's performance will create the symbol of the Third Paradise on the Blue Moon beach, around the Antimatter Stone. The work is made of recycled metal and has the size of an irregular cube of about 2 meters per side: it contains the non-recyclable plastic that has been collected in these days on the beaches of the Lido and which will be thrown inside by the participants in the artistic performance. At the end it will be sealed and will remain as a symbol of permanent pollution and a warning for the future.

Antimatter Stone by Sebastiano Pelli is covered with a latest generation product by Molteni Vernici.

Precisely because it is destined to last over time, to preserve it we have chosen to cover it with a resistant product that is also natural, environmentally friendly, with a low VOC percentage and formaldehyde free.

Molteni Vernici, in collaboration with the Oils and Greases Institute of Milan, has proposed the new protective product called Proiron, specific for Corten steel. The main feature of the product is to coat the surface of the newly oxidized metal with an imperceptible neutral colorless layer, preventing the dusting and washing away of the oxide on the underlying surfaces. It can be applied on metal supports, specific for outdoor environments and is highly resistant to wear, thermal shocks and bad weather.

The sturdy, compact and imperceptible protective film was applied to Antimatter Stone to maintain its appearance which is that of a large stone with a rusty appearance over time.

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