Resistance and surface hardness, crystalline transparency, permanent and lasting protection. It is with these incredible chemical-physical...

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July 30, 2015
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Resistance and surface hardness, crystalline transparency, permanent and lasting protection.

It is with these incredible chemical-physical characteristics that Molteni Vernici is proud to present to the world of architecture, design and contract the new range of high-resistance protective transparent top coats, designed and created specifically to realize and protect the most ambitious projects.

– The new futuristic solution, designed for all those companies, architects and designers who aim only at the excellence of the “Made in Italy”, owes its high resistance and adhesion on all metal, plastic and wood supports to the most innovative nanotechnology of new generation.

Born from the history of the true Made in Italy style and from the centenary experience that only a past at the top manages to forge over the years, from those same roots that have always characterized their reality.

In this way Molteni Vernici rediscovers its majestic richness and gives it to the world of architecture, design and contract. It does so through the presentation of the incredible range of top coats and transparent glossy and matt protective top coats number one in the world, that are absolute and undisputed protagonists of the rise of the Brand within the world market over the years.

Actually, the new range is born and finds its greater wearability both in the world of architecture, design and contract, and in the increasingly international field of shop fitting and fashion industry, up to the production of series of accessories, small parts and handles.

All this thanks to the best features that have always distinguished the uniqueness of the products engineered exclusively by CRS Molteni Vernici from all the other protective top coats on the international market: high chemical-physical resistance of treated supports, incredible and unique anti-touch and anti-finger properties, single-coat solutions to finish for most of the supports used at industrial level, low costs, guaranteed results of protection and long-lasting resistance, stability and repeatability of the required products over time, possibility of tailor-made realizations for specific projects.

Precisely for these reasons, the transparent protective top coats of Molteni Vernici have always been considered and still continue to be considered number one in the world for resistance and surface hardness.

Simply unbeatable.

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