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Worked-with-acid brass.

Molteni Vernici is proud to present the new finishing on MDF, created through the use of one of the most innovative products studied and patented by CRS Molteni Vernici: the Series of Liquid Metals PowerMetal.

The brass worked-with-acid coat in the concept structure matrix was made on MDF wood, thus converting a simple piece of wood into a real metal support, in particular, in a pure brass coat and then worked with acid.

The undisputed protagonist of this innovative effect is the product created exclusively by Molteni Vernici Laboratories, the PowerMetal, a synthesis product of a process of metabolization that allows to easily apply cold spray metal not only on wood or MDF, but on almost any surface, such as laminate, melamine, plastic, chalk, fiberglass, ceramic, concrete, foam, porcelain, glass and metal. In short, a real revolution from an industrial and production point of view, which also allows the replacement of metal sheets in folding and the coating of new complex and amorphous shapes.

The new finishing is ideal for both interior and outdoor use, for panels, signs, tiles, structures, electrical appliances, hoods, fittings, support surfaces and counters.

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