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A perfect combination among different kind of materials and surfaces, which might collide with one another on the thin line of reality, but which can find inside their own essential characteristics the ideal counterpoint able to simply transform them into art, legend, design mood.

This is the introduction used from the CRS Molteni Vernici in exclusive for the creation and the presentation at a worldwide level of the new series Metal Fabrics Shadow, a series of special finishings able to make a great difference from any other finishing which can be encountered throughout the international market thanks to their cutting and innovative feature belonging to their lines and which find their own roots right in the past, in particular in the ancient art of tailoring and in the purest craftsmanship.

– The level of craftsmanship that can be found in a specific creation has the power of circumscribing within precise and legitimate limitations the purity and refinement belonging to a certain object, a furniture complement, an aesthetic finishing. It has the power of declaring that creation a true artwork, a pure, exclusive and unique entity, exactly because it has been created manually and, for this reason, almost impossible to reproduce in the same characteristics. It’s just this uniqueness growing up from the artisans’ clever hands to create powerful boundary lines between the beauty of the details realized “by hand” and the monotony of the series production, where unicity, wonder, craftsmanship cannot be found.

A brand-new spraying technology allows the creation of a complex and extremely deep weave, able to completely change the aspect of a furniture complement with indoor and outdoor employments; extremely innovative colorations able to follow the trend color dictated from the biggest Brands operating internationally in the field of furnishings, contract and shop fitting; very high adhesion against scratch, usury and corrosion, great maintenance throughout time.

All this can be described in three simple words: Metal Fabrics Shadow.

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